The low segment of a castle's battlement. These segments are the typical walls seen in castles in the movies and look like this. See Merlon.

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  • crenel — CRENÉL, creneluri, s.n. 1. Fiecare dintre deschizăturile înguste, făcute din loc în loc, în partea superioară a parapetului unui turn de apărare, a unui castel sau a unei cetăţi medievale, prin care se aruncau proiectilele asupra inamicului. 2.… …   Dicționar Român

  • crenel — open space on an embattlement, early 14c., from O.Fr. crenel (12c.), apparently a dim. of cren notch (see CRANNY (Cf. cranny)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • Crenel — Cre*nel (kr? n?l ), n. See {Crenelle}. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • crenel — [kri nel′kren′əl] n. [OFr, dim. < VL crena, a notch: see CRENATE] any of the indentations or loopholes in the top of a battlement or wall; embrasure: also crenelle [kri nel′] vt. creneled or crenelled, creneling or crenelling to crenelate …   English World dictionary

  • Crenel — Crenelle Cre*nelle , Crenel Cre*nel (kr? n?l ), n. [OF. crenel, F. cr?neau, LL. crenellus, kernellus, dim. (prob.) fr. L. crena notch. See {Crenny}.] 1. An embrasure or indentation in a battlement; a loophole in a fortress; an indentation; a… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Crenel — The space between *merlons, the indentation where soldier or archer had some protection; the gap of the gap toothed look. [< OldFr. crenel = a notch < Lat. crena = a serration, notch] Cf. Ajoure …   Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases

  • crenel — n. (also crenelle) an indentation or gap in the parapet of a tower, castle, etc., orig. for shooting through etc. Etymology: ME f. OF crenel, ult. f. pop.L crena notch …   Useful english dictionary

  • crenel — /kren l/, n., v., creneled, creneling or (esp. Brit.) crenelled, crenelling. n. 1. any of the open spaces between the merlons of a battlement. See illus. under battlement. 2. a crenature. v.t. 3. to crenelate. Also, crenelle /kri nel /. [1475 85; …   Universalium

  • crenel — noun The space between merlons in a crenelated battlement …   Wiktionary

  • crenél — s. n., pl. crenéluri …   Romanian orthography

  • crenel — cren·el || krenl n. crenature, notch, space or opening in a battlement (also crenelle) …   English contemporary dictionary

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